Inžinierske stavby, a.s. is a stable and growing company relying on worldwide-operating Colas group for experience, expertise and strong corporate support. Our goal is to achieve continuous improvement, offer good-quality building solutions and mantain our position in the construction market. To meet these challenges we need to employ multi-skilled and experienced professionals.

Working in Inžinierske stavby a.s. means:

  • opportunity to develop your career in a stable company
  • chance to work in a strong international group
  • options for continuous growth and development of your potential
  • training programs
  • working on interesting projects

We are pleased to see that you are interested in working for Inžinierske stavby, a.s. After you click on the selected job position, you will be redirected to the job portal and respond to the job offer of your choice. Once submitted, your CV will be forwarded to us. We carefully consider and process all CVs received and contact all the applicants that meet the respective job requirements. Many thanks to all applicants seeking employment with Inžinierske stavby, a.s.


The core business of Inžinierske stavby a.s. is road construction. We specialize in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure, other roadwork and repairs. We also construct and refurbish sewerage and water system facilities and deliver solutions to the public utilities, railways, bridges and special construction projects. Our industrial activities include extraction of natural stone and production of crushed aggregates, fabrication and modified asphalt concrete and asphalt mixes. Our laboratories carry out a wide range of tests on asphalt mixes, aggregates, soils, concretes and structural layers of road pavement.

Our success is based on the employment of experts at all structures and levels of operations. To make sure that we have the right professionals at the right positions in the future we offer a 2-year TRAINEE PROGRAM for young talented graduates and undergraduates in their fourth and fifth years of university studies of civil engineering.

We offer:

  • on-the-job training based on job rotation and trainee assignment to various structures and departments over a period of the first year
  • chance to show your potential in a junior position over a period of the second year
  • development of skills and knowledge acquired
  • starting a career in the chosen area of practice

We require:

  • communication in English
  • basics of economics
  • good knowledge of building standards
  • enthusiasm and flexibility
  • communication skills
  • analytical skills
  • teamwork

If you wish to join our Trainee Program, fill out the questionnaire below and send it to the address


Currently we are not offering internships for students.

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