Asphalt mixes

Inžinierske stavby, a. s. offers a range of asphalt concrete manufactured by four asphalt plants located throughout the east of Slovakia (Čoltovo, Trebejov, Vechec, Veľká Lomnica). The computer-controlled and gas-powered plants meet the stringent qualitative and environmental limits. The total annual output of the plants is large enough to make the company one of Slovakia´s largest asphalt mix manufacturers. Inžinierske stavby, a. s. is also a founding member of the Slovak Asphalt Pavement Association.

The asphalt plants are organized under the direction of Road Construction Agency based in Košice.


HAMP Veľká Lomnica
059 52 V. Lomnica
Nový dvor, súp. č. 90,92

Ing. Jozef Janščák
0904 703 531

HAMP Čoltovo
049 12 Čoltovo
sup. č. 170,179

Mgr. Oliver Gandžala
0903 060 444

HAMP Vechec
094 12 Vechec
Lesná 111, súp. č. 473

Milan Lajoš
0904 703 520

HAMP Trebejov
044 81 Trebejov
súp. č. 71

Ing. Milan Kajňák
0904 703 608