About us

Key priorities

  • Health and safety of the employees.
  • Health and safety of the public.
  • Adherence to the quality and ethical principles.
  • Sustainability incorporated into the occupational safety and health program as a prerequisite for achieving the performance targets.
  • R&D teams of Colas Group enable also its subsidiaries in Slovakia to provide the customers with tailored-made innovative products and processes such as heavy-duty skid resistant asphalt mixes, cold in place recycling, noise-reducing mixes, translucent binders, coloured surfacing, and many others.
  • Environmental protection in the spotlight helps maintain responsible development of Colas subsidiaries in SlovakiaZdravie a bezpečnosť zamestnancov.


The International COLAS Group based in France acquired its first operation in Slovakia- Cesty Nitra, a.s. – in 2000 and expanded in 2004 to hold a stake in Inžinierske stavby, a.s. and its subsidiary IS-Lom, s.r.o. Maglovec.

Inžinierske stavby and Cesty Nitra have both been in construction for over 60 years. They deliver contract work involving civil engineering, buildings, industrial and hydro-engineering construction industry segments.